The idea behind the new design of the VIteo Solo collection, is to show tradition in a simple, modern form. True to the motto back to nature all items in the series are made of 100% Thermo Ash, a resin-free and extremely durable material ideally suited for outdoor and spa use.




An angular frame, with in it a curved seat that seems to float. The Natal Alu is a lighter and slightly softer version of the Natal Light that was launched in 2001.




The launch of the Natal collection was the international breakthrough for Tribu. "The Henry van de Velde Public Award"" in 1999 and various nominations for design exhibitions contributed to Tribu's international success.




The Monolith bench, establishes a bridge between nature and architure. It becomes part of its environment through its calm, modest design, secondary to the larger picture. The bench exudes harmonious charm based on the correct proportions and correct use of materials. The solidity and clean lines are an expression of the urge for simplicity and geometry.




Up until a few decades ago, streets were places where people met. After a hard working day people took out their kitchen chairs and had a quiet chat on the porch. Children played in the streets under the safe supervision of their parents and neighbours, leek and cabbage dominated the backyards and small livestock took care of the food waste. Life was simple. Nowadays, our backyards are overwhelmed with ornamental plants and exclusive and expensive garden furniture. As a result of our society's individualism, streets have become a place where people feel threatened and unsafe. Our “M²”-project wants to reunite people back in the streets. Flexible furnishings placed in streets, public parks and public places with a simple purpose: to encourage social interaction and create a natural form of social control. The M² consists of a shell-formed concrete seat, reinforced with optic fibre, supported by a steel under-frame.




Universal tables, apart from every form of typology. Timeless in every aspect regarding design, materials and craftmanship. Thorough design resulting in sober-shaped chairs. VAKWERK symbolizes quality furnishings, regional products with an ecological footprint and authentic craftmanship based on well thought-out concepts.

Picnic table



The tables can be ordered in lacquered wood, aluminium or in untreated natural wood. The wooden furniture is made of Iroko. Iroko is a tropical hardwood from Africa, which is officially purchased in accordance with ecologically sustainable practice.




The high-end technology from hotspring was a perfect base for the new nobel concept. Pure design, the sharply defined details and the right materials refer into an esthetic outdoorconcept, that’s sustainable and ecological. It’s possible to use the small step also as small bench.


Stichting Ommersteyn


New benches for Stichting Ommersteyn. In january 2013 Studio Segers received the "Ovam Ecodesign Award Pro 2012" for radiator beams produced by Vasco. Studio Segers designed authentic benches in solid oak, they were donated to Stichting Ommersteyn . The project was funded with the cash prize of the Ovam Ecodesign Award.

Jon Collection



With the JON collection, MOOME is offering innovative furniture that effortlessly adjusts to a new space with other uses or new inhabitants. You can literally and figuratively do what you want with it. In addition to a beautiful, timeless upholstered chair, there is a lovely oak JON table with extra storage space for cutlery or linen, the JON bench can also serve as a shelf or TV stand. And of course you can sit on the multifunctional JON stool (inspired by a milking stool), but it also acts as a side table and tray.




A bench made out of yoghurt pots, butter dishes and plastic bags - a bench that is 100% recyclable. Its design ensures functionality and comfort to melt together into a flexible modular.

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